What We do

Imagebank & media coverage

Our online pressroom is an imagebank for our clients to show their visual universe with campaign- and product images exclusively accessible for selected editors, journalists, stylists and architects from both Denmark and internationally. The press can download high-res images as well as product- and brand information. We monitor our customers' presence in the media by collecting both clippings and features from magazines as well as online. At the end of every month, Who’s Agency sends out a report for each client summing up the activities, lend-outs and clippings for the given month.


Communication and content

Storytelling is an essential part of shaping a brand. By helping form the direction, the angle and the tone on the internal and external communication, Who’s Agency makes sure that a brand is properly introduced to the right stylists, retailers and the press. In close dialog with the clients, Who’s Agency establish and maintain the brands presence and relevance on art- and interior scene through continuous storytelling with new and interesting angles.
 Who’s Agency does also offer content creation in terms of press releases, textual content for websites, books and newsletters.

Creative consulting

By offering creative consulting, Who’s Agency aims to cultivate and help artists, designers and brands grow in order to establish a longterm eligibility in a competitive and evolving market. We endeavor to achieve the brand’s full potential by defining their values and vision, form and direction helping them grow by strategic positioning, the best exposure and offering high level of sales expertise. 


Visual communication

Branding is about activating an emotional attachment. At Who's Agency, we aim to cultivate each brands visual branding identity in terms of visual guidelines and art direction with your personal approach to the design. 
A clear visual branding strategy creates identity and reputation. We asset the dynamics and determine graphic guidelines, image style and typography. 

Social Media 

A strong digital communication is essential to the exposure of a brand. Who's Agency creates strong social media strategies and offers to manage and run both Instagram and Facebook on behalf of brands. We define the brand's identity, image style and tone of voice. We work closely with each brand and are constantly in touch to ensure the right guidance. Who's Agency strengthens a brand's strategic social media positioning.