The V Collection by Trine Tuxen Jewelry

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This month ‘What We Love’ focuses on The V Collection by Trine Tuxen Jewelry. 


“V is my latest collection. V is for Vagina – and the collection is a tribute to this part of women in all their divinity, and diversity. It’s been such a journey creating this collection – from heartfelt conversations, to pictures, portraits of vaginas and the women behind.”

One factor of motivation behind the concept of The V Collection, was a realisation of a general and widespread discontent among women and their vaginas. 



“ My focus in the creating process has been to portrait the beauty of diversity, asymmetry, individuality, scaling – all V pieces are special and unique – just the way they are.” 

Trine Tuxen 


Every collection has a story, inspired by something or somewhere with a visual nerve. Muses are found in both small, invisible and intangible things, as well as in physical surroundings and the everyday experiences – the colors of the sky, a subtle movement or a feeling.

To us Trine Tuxen is so much more than a designer, she’s a storyteller at heart. She is sure to command the attention of everyone in the room with her nuanced approach, her charm and her passion for creating. Trine Tuxen knows how to design and create pieces that stand out in a crowd yet are timeless in their expression.

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