Organic shapes by Helle Mardahl


This month 'What We Love' focuses on Organic Shapes by Helle Mardahl.

Her work is marked by a sense of ornate lavishness, extravagance and flamboyance combined with eccentric deviance.

As a designer, Helle Mardahl is concerned with the contrast between organic shapes and hard materials. Her richly coloured designs are alive and natural, fragile yet robust. Her designs bring life to spaces, and are equally capable of standing alone or blending in.


As a new and unique addition to her glass univers, Helle Mardahl has created a series of handblown mini-collections with different expressions and different sources of inspiration - all made of glass.

Organic Shapes is the first of Helle Mardahl's mini-collections to be introduced. The collection contains two original objects, both colourful and bubbly, sophisticated and fragile. 

They are one-of-a-kind and available for purchase at Helle Mardahl's Atelier

For further interest, lend-outs and stylings, please contact

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