C/RO Nominated for 'The Upcoming Designer of the Year'

Founder of C/RO, Camilla Rosén

Founder of C/RO, Camilla Rosén


This month 'What We Love' focuses on C/RO and its amazing univers

It is a great pleasure to announce that C/RO is nominated in the category 'The Upcoming' at Design Awards 2018. Strongly inspired by iconic architecture and with a minimalistic and sophisticated design-dna, C/RO honours the legacy of Scandinavian design gracefully and admirably.


Camilla Rosén established C/RO in the beginning of 2016, and in just a year and a half she has managed to get herself noticed on the Scandinavian design scene. Camilla's design features a rare calmness and a timeless simplicity with clean, stringent lines inspired by iconic architecture.

With over 13 years of experience in concept development for others, a need arose to create something where Camilla could unfold her love for materials, design, design and art. With a Swedish upbringing, Camilla was surrounded by designers and brands like Bruno Mathsson, Källemo, Ihreborn, where excellent craftsmanship is a core value. This created the starting point of Camilla's career, where design and aesthetics form the foundation.


With the desire to reduce the impact on the environment, all C/RO furniture is produced in environmentally friendly materials, which will sustain both in quality and functionality. Every piece of furniture is handmade in Sweden of recycled steel.


C/RO's new campaign images embrace Scandinavian minimalism, architectural references, and a unique ease that integrates the furniture in a given space in an elegant way.

The new campaign images are found in the image bank.

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