Pernille Lind


One über talented girl is in town, and we were so lucky that she had time to share her personal thoughts with us. 

As part of the design duo Lind + Almond, her last 2 years have been crazy busy with the newly opened boutique hotel Sanders in Copenhagen. 

Pernille is based in London where she also runs her own design studio. 

Other than having a multitude of creative strings to her bow, she has a real love for vintage items and detailed craftsmanship. She is authentic and ambitious and we are true fans. 

For more details visit Pernille Lind Studio and Lind+Almond



What creates meaning and value FOR you?

Over time I have found that surrounding myself with people where I can share similar thoughts, ideas and creative references with, makes things so much easier and enjoyable.
Also understanding my boundaries and limits and not pushing either too far, helps me stay balanced and keeps me focused on what is important, something I am still learning and will probably never get 100% right.


What creates value for you in your everyday life?

Doing what I love, which is to be creative and work with passionate and inspiring people.
I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with clients and creatives from diverse backgrounds, as new teams are formed with each project. Therefore, meeting new interesting personalities will inevitably always be part of my job, this enables me to grow as a person and within my field of work, which is very rewarding.


A glimpse into Pernille’s world - captured through her iphone

A glimpse into Pernille’s world - captured through her iphone


What are your work values?

I want to work with local tradesmen and craftsmen, to try and retain skills which are often outsources to the far East, or other parts of the world. I think it’s important to think of the full circle when I design, from the first idea the brains that it originates from, to the hands which make them come to life and then onto the people who will hopefully experience the result.
What is the story and journey this creation has taken? is an important aspect for me, as I will be the one who will narrate the story one day.

However, not everything needs to have a profound reasoning or a deep routed contextual reference, some things can just be because they aesthetically please the eye. But consideration to manufacturing, some kind of ethical approach and the storytelling all form part of values, which I find important in my work.


Which object or property has a special meaning for you?


I have recently bought a summer house and here I have created a home for many of my most cherished possessions. I have inherited many wonderful things from my father, as well as my mother who use to work with Thai antiques, they now all have a place to be displayed and kept safe. Furthermore I have a thing for vintage furniture and lighting, so some of my findings around various markets are also put to good use in the house.


Who or what do you find inspiring?


Generally I consider people who have a consistant way of being, grounded in who they are and direct with what they want, to be very appealing and engaging. Someone who has passion for life or their work are generally inspiring, even though it could be in ways or with subjects, that I myself dont have much knowledge about or experience with.


A glimpse into Pernille’s world - captured through her iphone

A glimpse into Pernille’s world - captured through her iphone


Which three things do you dream about for your home?

More indoor plants, Moroccan rugs and long draped linen curtains.


How do you incorporate value in your purchases?

That’s easy, they need to have a story. So either vintage, antiques or something which is made by hand or by someone I know.




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