Keren Longkumer


We are so happy to introduce to you the amazing Keren Longkumer, who we met during fashion week in Paris 2016. With a great humor and a magnetic mind she is a woman that we find extremely  interesting. Based in Nagaland yet with the world as her office, Keren is without doubt one inspirational lady. With a whole lot of talent and unlimited drive she pursues her passion creating amazing designs and aesthetics. 

LOQ is derived from the surnames of Keren Longkumer + Valerie Quant. In 2011, the co-founders met while studying footwear design in Los Angeles. They immediately realized their mutual affinity for unconventional forms, proportions, materials and attention to detail.

Keren Longkumer · Partner and owner of LOQ

Keren Longkumer · Partner and owner of LOQ


What made you and Valerie start LOQ?

We met in footwear school in 2011. We immediately clicked when we worked on projects together. We discussed and dreamed of starting something together in the future, and here we are with LOQ.

What draws you to working creatively?

The basic idea of seeing our designs coming to life is what pushes me to work creatively. We love working with colors, leather finishes, and eclectic heel shapes. Each season we try and push ourselves to try something new.


How do you remain passionate on a daily basis?

My family drives my passion. They’re very supportive, and seeing their reactions to our collections each season brings me utmost joy.

What has been the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur?

When we started we were oblivious to what the reality of running a small company was. We thought we would just design hah! The most challenging part has been working with different cultures because there’s no rule book.


What/who inspires you the most?

Traveling the world and being exposed to new cultures inspires me the most.

In your opinion, is there a lack of certain values within your industry?

I am really proud to be surrounded by some of the small businesses - Giugiu, Laura Lombardi, Agmes, Sunad, Are studio - who we are friends with in this industry. Most of them are women hustling to make it happen, but are so grounded. So if I were to judge whether of not there is a lack of certain values within my industry of small businesses just by looking at these amazing designers, I’d say no.


How does living in Nagaland affect your perspective in general?

I love coming back to Nagaland. It really helps me center my priorities, which I’ve realized is family first no matter what.

What will you strive to achieve in 2019?

In 2019 I’ve promised myself to take better care of my health.

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