With several acknowledged projects such as the collaboration with Normann Copenhagen 'FLORAL INJECTION' and the exhibition with photographer Rosalina Serup 'Flora In Situ', Florist Thilde Maria, also known as Poppykalas, is undoubtedly one to watch. 

Poppykalas strives to stage flowers in a different way that challenges the usual way of arranging flowers and the interaction with them. Based on art history, culture and especially Japanese aesthetics, Poppykalas has over time found her very own distinctive and extravagant style.

Thilde Maria Kristensen  Foto: Lis Kaspersen

Thilde Maria Kristensen

Foto: Lis Kaspersen


What made you start Poppykalas?

The need of touching flowers everyday, working creatively with nature and to be my own boss.


What draws you to working creatively?

I love the meditative contemplation of arranging flowers -especially when I’m all alone in my studio listening to music.


Who's Talking - Poppykalas


How do you remain passionate on a daily basis?

I’m always developing new floral projects and that fuels my passion on working with flowers in different ways. Also my weekly trips to the Flowermarket - watching and touching the seasons changning of flowers. Seeing the first poppy of the season makes my heart skip a beat.  


When met by resistance, how do you overcome the challenges?

I spend time with my family and friends turning off external “noise” and tuning in to myself and my safe zone.


What/who inspires you the most?

Who's Talking - Poppykalas constance

Constance Spry was a british educator, florist and author in the 20th century. Spry is a major player in the history of flowers and how to arrange them inspired by the japanese ikebana tradition. She had the courage to arrange flowers in new ways also using foraged flowers giving flowers a new language that really speaks to people, which I’m also very drawn towards.


In your opinion, is there a lack of certain values within your industry?

Community! Each florist works between very closed doors, which I think is a shame


Which values are you appreciative of within your industry?

There is a new wave of ecological flower farmers coming up and an more awareness about sustainability. I also work a lot with interior and fashion people, which I really appreciate, because I get to work with so many aesthetically over the top talented people. 


Erik Jørgensen Home Collection Showroom

Erik Jørgensen Home Collection Showroom

Normann Copenhagen "Floral Injection"

Normann Copenhagen "Floral Injection"


How do you manage to balance work and personal life?

My computer stays in the office, so I don’t work after coming home to my girls and husband. I also try to stay of Instagram, while I’m with my kids. Then we go to our summerhouse in Rågeleje as often as possible, I find strength in nature also in my balcony taking care of my plants.    


What will you value the most in 2018?

My family and then I’m still so much in love with my studio. It’s my free space, where I can create and develop. I feel very privileged to be able to have such a place. It’s a continuation of my teenage room with lavender coloured wall, candles and dried flowers.


The Flower Market

The Flower Market

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