Evalotta Sundling & Elin Kickén


With a rare and refined sense of aesthetics and a love for Scandinavian minimalism, Evalotta Sundling and Elin Kicken have become an unavoidable inspiration and influence on the Swedish interior scene. 

Besides running Sundling Kickén with a focus on interior and concept styling, the stylist duo have their own blog on the Swedish magazine Residence’s digital platform, where they keep the readers up-to-date on the latest trends, new and inspiring furniture and much more. 

Who’s Talking had a chat with the cool duo.

Evalotta Sundling & Elin Kickén founders of Sundling Kickén

Evalotta Sundling & Elin Kickén founders of Sundling Kickén


What is the story behind Sundling Kickén? What made you want to start your own company?

We are two creative souls that met five years ago in Gothenburg and hit it off from the start. One and a half years ago we decided to partner up as a styling duo and build something good together. With two sets of eyes and correlating minds we are now work close to create strong imagery and aim for poetry and nothing less. We like to work as a duo because we are able to bounce ideas off each other, try things and push each other to do greater things.

What is it about working creatively that appeals to you?

We love to create surroundings, images, stories and content that speaks the right language and to see our thoughts and plans take shape.

Living room for  @riksbyggenbostad  Photo  @kristofer_johnsson
Styling project with  @riksbyggenbostad  Photo  @kristofer_johnsson

Styling project with @riksbyggenbostad
Photo @kristofer_johnsson


How does the two of you compliment each other - both privately and in a professional context?

Of course we have differences but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how we compliment each other. When it comes to our work we see ourselves like one person with four arms and a broader thought capacity. Simply put, you get two for the price of one.


How do you manage to balance work and personal life?

We don´t. That is still something we have to work on and hopefully when our studio is finished we go to work and then home, leave the computer and all the thoughts behind by the end of the day.

From where, what or whom do you seek inspiration?

We seek and find inspiration everywhere, mostly in the small everyday things. But also from other creators, music, nature, books, when traveling, from new environments and inspiring places.

Who's Talking - Evalotta Sundling & Elin Kickén

What are you appreciative of / thankful for on a daily basis?

To have our families and partners supporting, encourage and believing in us every single day. They mean a lot to us both! We are also very thankful for all the wonderful clients who choose to work with us.

Which designers or Artists would recommend us to look into?

The list could be very long but to mention a few - Christian Halleröd, Sigve Knutsson, Kirsten Visdal, Kråkvik d´orazio and Amanda Rodriguez.

Styling for  @nordiskakok  at the home of artist Emma Bernhard.

Styling for @nordiskakok at the home of artist Emma Bernhard.

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