Maja Karen


With a rare and perfectionistic sense, an affection for textures, light and shadows, Maja Karen does what she loves - captures beautiful moments through her lense. As a photographer, Maja Karen is specialized in taking pictures of people and still lives. Her style is simple and aesthetic with a touch of something untraditional and unexpected. Maja Karen prefers moods and feelings and she is interested in the mysterious and honest, the raw and the naked. We proudly introduce to you the talented Photographer Maja Karen.

Therme Vals

Therme Vals


Describe yourself in 5 words?

I would describe myself as perfectionistic, minimalistic, helpful, hardworking and friendly.

Why did you become a photographer?

When I was 11 years old, I told my mother that I would be a photographer. I can’t remember why, but it has been stuck in my mind ever since. I love the story that you can tell through a photograph and the frame of mind you can create. I’m also deeply fascinated by human being in all of its facets. I have a rare sense and passion for textures, light and shadows.

Describe your photograph style?

Aesthetic, minimalist and created by moods.

I love that I can bring my own style from my work into my clients work. It is very satisfying.

Dawn Exhibition 2019

Dawn Exhibition 2019


Who, what, where are you inspired by?

Almost everything around me but mostly nature. When I get an idea, I can’t rest until it is tested.

What gives you the most value in your work?

I will always give every project my full attention and do my very best. I strive to deliver something that I am completely satisfied with and never compromise with my work.

Which pictures are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my own work - Individuals and InSight. 






What does photography mean to you?

Photography is my craftsmanship, it is alluring but at the same time lingering. To me, a photography is about creating moods and feelings. It is storytelling through my perspective and interpreted through your eyes. A photography must awaken a mood, a curiosity and a need to want to know more by creating a universe which the viewer is drawn into.

The photography is a respite, a dream and a channel for my creativity to flourish. My photography is simple and aesthetic with a touch of something untraditional and unexpected. A thought that is passionate about becoming a reality. The caption of a perfect moment that is perpetuated. 

My inspiration comes from nature. Nature is wild, great and always changing. But at the same time mysterious and honest, when it is raw and naked. Nature is very fascinating to me. 

Photography is a great and huge part of me. It’s my passion and lifestyle.

Silver Lining

Silver Lining

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