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We are extremely excited to introduce to you the gorgeous Casey Larkin Blond. As the owner of the super stylish store Mr. Larkin, Casey Larkin Blond is a true source of inspiration for fashion-interested women. Based in both Houston, Texas and in Copenhagen, Mr. Larkin has an international and unexpected approach to design. Casey Larkin Blond looks to artists and designers with a like-minded sense of thoughtful beauty to share in its universe. A mother and designer herself, Mr. Larkin is the true embodiment of its owner and the lifestyle she shares with her family and friends.

Casey Larkin – Owner of Mr. Larkin

Casey Larkin – Owner of Mr. Larkin


A little bit about yourself - what’s your story? 

Im a mom of two to Penny and Anker. Im originally from Texas, with roots in California, but moved to Copenhagen almost 9 yrs ago after meeting my husband. I'm the owner and creative director of Mr. Larkin. I am a  Sagittarius through and through.






What made you start Mr. Larkin? 

Well there are 2 stages of Mr. Larkin. The first was started over 10 years ago in San Francisco as a clothing brand, and it was started with a slow fashion perspective in mind. I locally produced it for 3 years in the Bay Area collaborating with local artisan and natural dyer Sasha Duerr. Our work actually brought us to Copenhagen to work with DAFI on the NICE initiative. It is here where I met my husband, and I eventually moved here permanently. I  became a mother shortly after, so I stopped everything to focus on my daughter and learning my new surroundings. After 3 years I relaunched Mr. Larkin as an e-commerce store and DTC brand based in both the US and Copenhagen. The reason I did so is because I was tired of not being able to find the small indie brands I loved in Denmark or even Europe for that matter. I also thought it was strange that some of the best Danish brands were difficult to find in the US, so I merged these 2 worlds and launched Mr. Larkin. It's evolved into a different idea now, but that is why I started it. 


What draws you to working creatively? 


How do you remain passionate on a daily basis? 

Honestly, my passion has depleted a bit with the challenges and administrative work that comes with running your own business, but I try to surround myself with creative experiences as much as possible to keep it going. Art, music and travel always help, but it's really the creative women I work with on a daily basis that ignite my passion. 


When met by resistance, how do you overcome the challenges? 

Well it completely depends on the challenge. In business, we face some challenging times in clothing and retail, so we have somewhat learned to live with not being able to overcome all of our challenges. In general I overcome challenges by brainstorming with my husband and mom (both my business partners) on how to conquer. We are a resilient bunch.

What/who inspires you the most? 

Women - all of them, history and art.  


In your opinion, is there a lack of certain values within your industry? 

In the clothing industry, as a whole, the list is so long I would not even know where to begin. So yes, there is a massive lack of values in this clothing business as a whole.

Which values are you appreciative of within your industry? 

The values I am appreciative of are that of the indie fashion industry. Most of the brands that are independent are truly focused on sustainability and ethics- it is at our core. The majority are female owned and operated- a lot of us mothers as well as providers. We produce small and local, pay more than fair wages, and the majority of us give a portion of our profits to non profit organizations supporting movements we believe in. We support our communities and each other, and even more when we grow.


How do you manage to balance work and personal life? 

I don't do that very well. It is something I am trying to sort out, but I have not been super successful at it.

What will you value the most this year? 

Always my family. I am nothing without them. 

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