Helle Mardahl

Having been an artist for many years we have been working closely with Helle strategically the last year transitioning Helle Mardahl - the artist to Helle Mardahl - the brand, targetting a more commercial market - retailers, projects and the end consumer. From production to sales to product placement and press activities, we aim to establish a strong and unique brand with a continuous awareness and organic growth. We handle all requests from press and retailers. Campaign images and packshots are available in our imagebank. 


With over 25 years of experience, the interior universe of Rue Verte has become trend-setting in Copenhagen. Walking into the store, you’ll experience the concept of a real home with both livingroom, bedroom and kitchen. And you definitely want to move in. But Rue Verte is not just your regular store. The talented team of Rue Verte does projects for both private residences and corporate clients. And oh - they have their own product line. We work strategically with Rue Verte and handle all communication as well as strategic activities. 



In her own distingtive way of expressing herself through art, Ursula Nistrup is very infatuated by materials. With an extraordinary ability to listen and learn from the materials she works with, Ursula Nistrup explores interesting depths and challenges our way of thinking. Ursula’s artistic vision is objectified through sculptures, photography, installations, text, performance and drawing. We do personal PR for Ursula and her stunning art. 

Anton dam

Working with Anton Dam on a daily basis, we manage all digital activities as website, newsletters, social media and SEO. In collaboration with the talented Mint Studio / Art director Cecilie Svanberg we launched a new website in May 2018 - a digital showroom, which continuously must evolve and inspire.



In a close collaboration with Spatial Code and Nomad Workspace, DAWN Exhibition opened its doors May 2018 during 3daysofdesign.

Dawn is representing new creation, an act of transformation and a fresh way of thinking. The exhibition derives from the urge to create as well as the desire to support new design and entrepreneurship.


Since the beginning of 2016 we have been working strategically with the designer Camilla Rosén. With her great talent and strong vision, we work closely, consistent and uncompromising creating relevant content. We handle all requests from the press. Campaign images and packshots are available in our imagebank. 



Inspired by early and mid-twentieth century Danish design legends such as Kaare Klint and Arne Jacobsen, the newly established furniture brand MANUFAKTURE creates functional designs for daily use. Manufakture wishes to remind people of the opportunities that lie in the common objects that surround us. We do personal PR for Manufakture and the founder Christoffer. 



As a storyteller by heart and an artist by intuition, Augusta Sørensen creates incredible food - contemporary yet intimate. With an endless source of creativity Augusta approaches story-making from a sensuous angle transforming an objective, a theme, a thought into texture and taste, flavour and form bringing people together. As strategic wing women for Augusta, we handle all commercial agreements. 


Creating mirrors and furniture with dynamic and organic shapes, Henriette Mørk’s design is unique in appearance yet functional in application. Inspired by iconic architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Henriette Mørk focuses on simple lines and minimalistic shapes. For Henriette Mørk, we do strategic communication and development. We handle all requests from the press as well as lend-outs. Campaign images and packshots are available in our imagebank.